Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Have you been to McValpo?

That most hideous beast which kills the family run corner store may be heading to Valparaiso.  We've just heard that a mall may be built in Valpo.  Anyone who has spent time wandering the streets of Valpo does so not because of its cinemas, fast food franchises and conglomerate run shops.   People head to this beautiful port city to see the charm of the corrugated city where street vendors eek out a living on the corner and waiters stand in doorways offering to show you their menu.

All those small business that rely on passing foot trade would suffer from a central mall.

We hope that the people of Valpo see the long term benefits of refusing a mall and keep their heritage listed city untouched by franchises of North America.  Viña del Mar is only 15 minutes away if anyone needs their fix of bland fast food, devoid of the true charm of Chile.

If you would like more information here is the Facebook page for no mall in Baron.


  1. hello my down under friends, this is my blog where we can get in touch more often too.

    greetins from Valpo, Chile.

    may you all have a truly and blessed merry christmas and excellent new year's eve.


  2. Hello,

    I recently came across your blog while researching an expat year and looking for info on Valpo. You've put together a nice, clear window on your experiences there. I was wondering if I could ask, however, what made you choose Valpo in particular (I haven't yet seen a post about that)?



    1. Hello Dave,
      Santiago has a problem with pollution being trapped in the city and can can cause health issues for children. Although the job possibilities are higher we wanted a place with a little bit more character and less 'city'.
      Valpo has nine universities and is right near Vina del Mar meaning that there was still enough work opportunities.
      We liked the look of Valpo with its crazy hills and streets, art and sordid history. We're glad we chose it.


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