Monday, 12 September 2011

Happy Birthday Indiana

Indiana, our first-born and ambassador to the fairies, turns 8 today.  She’s had a staggered birthday as we bought her boots before winter, took her to La Serena last weekend, a party this weekend and later this week my parents are arriving with presents from Talluah’s parents.

The weather was perfect yesterday with a top of 22 degrees.  We thought we were going to fry.  Indiana had a few of her classmates come over for a party.  Luckily we had Boris on hand to help us explain some of the more complicated games that the other niñas hadn’t seen before. Games that we take for granted are completely foreign here. 

That’s the beauty of travel – you get to exchange ideas and learn from each other.  For example, the chocolate game that we, in fact learnt while living in London.  For those of you playing at home, this is how it’s done.  Participants sit in a circle on the floor, around a block of chocolate on a plate with a knife and fork and a pair of ski gloves and a beanie or hat.  Going around the circle everyone takes turns to roll a dice, if you roll a six you have to put the beanie and gloves on before cutting off one piece of chocolate at a time. The object is to eat as much chocolate as you can before someone else in the circle rolls a six.  It becomes very funny when a few sixes are rolled consecutively.  Other games we had a go at were, dancing statues, balloon races, pass the parcel, and, an oldie but a goodie Limbo.

Indy’s friends gave her a little surprise by insisting on singing Happy Birthday in English for her and then in Spanish.  Even our landlord got in in the festivities and gave Indy some money to buy herself something nice.  And of course no birthday is complete without a massage from your little sister.

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  1. I was thrilled to read your blog as I'm trying to decide which latinamerican country to spend 6 months next year. Valpo looks wonderful with all the street art and crazy hills. The pictures are awesome. I got to the end and read about Tallulah's appendicitis. How scary! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I have a 6 year old daughter too and my major uncertainty is how to find a school for her. I'm impressed that you guys just went for it. Would you be willing to email with me about Indy's school etc when you have a sec. Thanks