Sunday, 16 October 2011

The bucket list.

The four of us have shared a bedroom for the past seven months and this has had its advantages such as in winter we knew how warm, or cold, the room was for the girls.
Truce has been waking up recently with numerous bite like welts over her arms, legs and back but never her face.  This doesn’t seem to be a problem except that Truce then scratches at the bites.  We’ve been at a loss as to what has been biting her as Talluah and I have not received a noticeable bite.  Truce and I even swapped beds for two nights. 
The cause of these mysterious marks had to be alien abduction so we set up a motion sensing, infra-red camera to capture proof of this extra terrestrial foul play.  Alas there were no aliens fleeting past in grainy resolution with a list of experiments to carry out on earthlings.  Next on the list was to consult a wise friend of ours.  Renowned doctor, travel advisor, interpreter, psychic and entomologist – Google.  We narrowed the culprit down to bedbugs and have since learned that bedbug bites can affect one person and not another.  Truce seems to be the one that reacts.
We have turned their beds into islands by putting sticky tape around the feet.  Tomorrow we’ll see if we’ve caught anything.

We’re on the homeward stretch now with less than six weeks to go before we fly back to Australia.  We’ve written a bit of a bucket list.  Due to financial constraints it’s more of an old ice cream container list.  First on the list is the one ascensor that we haven’t travelled in yet.  Ascensor Polanco is very unique.  The base is reached by walking through a 150 metre long tunnel which is noticeably colder than the street temperature.  A constant, cold wind creeps through the tunnel. 

The start of the ascensor, a vertical elevator is about 40 metres underground and is complete with constant dripping water, which you can hear falling on the roof of the elevator as you travel upwards.

The top of the tower is 45 metres above street level and gives a great view of the city.  We chose to walk back down to Avenida Argentina through the most varied collection of steps that we’ve seen here.

The building we live in is a house more than a hundred years old.  The current owner has been trying to sell it for the past eight months and has finally done so.  Part of the condition of sale is that the property is handed over empty.  Our landlord has been really fair while we’ve been here and he’s given everyone six weeks notice to vacate.  The actual date is five days after we fly out – talk about lucky.


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