Sunday, 30 October 2011

In the olden days.

A row of eight horse and carriages wait under the shade of the trees in Plaza Vagara, Viña del Mar.  They’re all reminiscent of a time when things moved slower.  We were approached by one of the drivers who showed us a laminated card with the route and a set price on it of CLP$20,000.  We said we’d think about it and turned away – right into another driver with the same card but he said he'd do it for $15,000.

We climbed into the shiny red carriage and clip-clopped our way around Viña.  It’s a very relaxing way to see the city and the kids imagined having to travel long distances in the back of a carriage.  Except I don’t think the carts of 100 years ago had modern suspension and rubber lined tyres.  

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