Sunday, 6 November 2011

It’s a matter of trust.

With doughnuts and a play at the beach on our agenda for the day we headed over to the pretty little town of Reñaca.  Last time we went there with our great friend Lena we had a blast eating doughnuts only the weather wasn’t warm enough to truly enjoy all that the beach had to offer. 
However, today was a definite slip, slop, slap day.  I still managed to get a little burnt on my legs but I guess that’s what happens when you take naps on the beach.

On the roller coaster, oops, I mean bus ride to Reñaca I saw something that I didn’t think I’d ever see in this day and age.  A mother climbed aboard with her two year old and his stroller.  She stowed the pram and sat the toddler into a seat and then turned to a stranger sitting in the row behind her son and asked him to hold on to the little boy while she went and bought a bus ticket.  He willingly obliged and entertained the child during the mother’s brief absence.
This is obviously a cultural difference and something we’re not used to seeing in Australia; a mother felling comfortable and safe trusting a stranger on a bus.  

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