Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Round and round again.

We’ve commented a few times on the level of litter we see around Valparaíso, particularly in sensitive areas like the beach.  In this era of greenwashing and eco friendly lifestyles we have some thumbs up for the people of Valpo.
Many of the soft drink bottles are sold in reusable glass bottles.  It’s quite intriguing watching people purchase a Coke and drink it on the spot because the shopkeeper wants the bottle back.  It’s also possible to buy drinks in reusable plastic bottles. 
At the fruit markets a lot of the produce is moved around on homemade carts.  The timber is from old pallets and the wheels are the bearings from machines.  Reusing is greener than recycling and these trolleys add to the charm of the markets as they rattle down street.

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