Saturday, 30 July 2011

Beware the sign.

There is a lot of road works happening around our cerro at the moment.  The normal way to install a road works sign is for two men to attack the pavement with a crow bar, dig a hole out and cement the sign in.

The posts are usually timber and when the sign is no longer needed the post is simply snapped at ground level and the stump is pulverised until it is level with the footpath.  Note the word usually.

There are numerous metal stumps waiting to trip unsuspecting tourists.

A veces (sometimes), the post is left like some sort of Vampire trap.  I don’t think Workplace Health and Safety has quite made it to Valparaíso yet. 

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  1. once again -- you reminded me - I wished I would have stopped and tok a snap shot.. I would not want to go walking in the early evenings