Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Wrapping up Argentina.

After dinner in Mendoza the girls fell asleep in the back seat while we drove towards the border.  About 20 km south of Uspallata we pulled over on the side of the road.  We were rocked to sleep by a -3 degree wind that blew all night long.  We were snug and warm in the camper but had to put on our Arctic clothes for the dash to the cab.  Truce is suffering from constant static electricity and her hair has Medusa like qualities.  We take turns dressing her with her polyester jacket as she has electrocuted each one of us indiscriminately.  She manages to generate enough sparks to jump-start a truck.

At Puente del Inca we pulled over to have a play in the snow.  At 2,700 metres we had almost stopped noticing how often our ears had popped.  The Puente del Inca is a natural bridge over the river Vacas and was once a Thermal Spa until an avalanche took out the resort.

There is an assortment of souvenirs that can be bought here but perhaps none so tacky as these items that have been placed in the thermal waters and covered in minerals.  The idea sounds novel enough but some of the items don’t really have anything to do with the original inhabitants.

This is the first time we have seen snow as a family and even though we were not appropriately dressed we went and played in the snow.

We highly recommend holidayrent.cl, we loved having the freedom to be able to stop whenever we wanted to with our campervan.

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  1. wow - what a scrapbook you are going to have or I should say already have.. great photos..hugs