Sunday, 10 July 2011

Happy Birthday Colleen.

We have leña.  Big chunks of leña.  Indiana and I did a mercy dash to the hardware store to purchase a hatchet.  This opened up a whole series of questions from a curious seven year old.  Indiana is intrigued with life before now.  We talked about how I was allowed to use an axe and make camp fires from about ten years old.  She’s already throwing out the phrase, I’m almost eight.
We walked out of the shop sin bolsa.  I couldn’t see the point of putting a hatchet into a plastic bag.  I can’t speak for other parts of the world but I know that I would have troubles getting on a bus in Australia carrying an axe.  People here know that the only reason I’m carrying an axe is because I want to chop fire wood.  There’s a certain level of honesty that comes with being a developing country.  The hatchet also came with a very dull blade and posed no risk to bystanders.
When one purchases a pocket knife one must allow for a certain amount of extra attachments, blades and other tools – my favourite is the tool used for getting stones out of horse’s shoes.  Our pocket knife has a metal file and finally it has a use.  I managed to sharpen our hatchet sufficiently.
We have kindling.  But we need the stuff that is smaller than kindling. Does it have a name?  Yes it does.  Paper. But buying newspapers is the cheat’s way.  Tapping into our Darwinian ancestry, we like to use the hunter-gatherer method for our paper supplies.   
Our guests where about to throw their bus tickets into the bin.
What you doing?
Throwing out my bus ticket.
No.  Paper good for fire.  Put in box near fire.
OK.  What about this tissue?
Tissue good too.  Me go now and hunt cereal box.

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