Friday, 4 February 2011

The flight

All the guide books told us that you have to pay for your tourist visa, a one off payment, with cash.  This is not true – they do accept cards.  We were also informed that they don’t give change, this too is incorrect.
But what about the flight I here you ask?  When we checked into Brisbane we were sitting together but our forwarding tickets from New Zealand had us scattered about the plane like some human Easter Egg hunt. I had visions of some childless couple having to cut Truce’s meals for her.  Thankfully we were repositioned to be sitting together. 
The kids were able to curl up in their seats and sleep a third of the journey away.  As for Talluah and I didn’t sleep a wink and Talluah did not share my enthusiasm that we had technically watched three movies and had meals that she hadn’t prepared, thereby qualifying the flight as three “date nights”.
Landing in Santiago saw us enter the latest sport in the Airport Olympics:  The 100 metre Avoid the Taxi Spruiker Sprint.  Indiana lost points in the event because she made eye contact with one of the spruikers.  I was awarded a foul for replying in English and Talluah had two seconds added to her time due to hesitating before a giving a negative response.  Truce shone at this event due to her stature allowing her to slip in under the radar.
We’re adventurers, we take local transport.  Gringos chicken out in shuttle buses and taxis.  If we can’t take a train or bus we’d rather walk.  Anyway, here’s a photo of Truce and Indiana’s first Taxi ride in Chile.  

Living the life of a Rock Star

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