Friday, 18 February 2011

It's Friday. Let's go shopping.

We decided to test yesterday’s “talk” and take the girls for an exploration of the city.  Another unusual fog hung over the Valpo making our planned outing to la playa (the beach) sound very unattractive.  Plan B.  It’s a quick jaunt for us over to Ascensor Reina Victoria, except today we used the poor man’s ascensor – the steps.

Valpo by night.

Everyone that we’ve met has been very welcoming and accommodating and we have not felt in danger at anytime (except in the odd taxi).  There is a very noticeable presence on home security with a mix of barbwire, bars, jagged iron work or the good old fashioned broken glass set into the top of a brick wall.  Some even go so far to paint the glass to match the fence.

As we walked down from Cerro Alegre into Cerro Panteon there was a different vibe in the air.  There was still no reason to feel unsafe but the increase in the amount of barbed wire and other devices do tend to drag a neighbourhood down.  There are two reasons why stairs are considered to be possible danger points in Valpo.
The first reason is that when the foreman said, “Make them as big as my shoe.”  The workmen heard, “Any size will do.”  The second reason has more to do with undesirables and dark corners after the sun goes down.

The steps to Cerro Panteon fell into the second category.  Someone had forgotten to tell the artists this though. The amount of artwork on the doors, walls and steps increased to a point that the camera stayed out while we made our way up towards the Crementerio de Disidentes, Valparaio’s cemetery. 

Shaken from an earthquake?

Seeing how others send the departed into the next life is always fascinating.  My interest in cemeteries is purely to find the oldest tombstone I can.  Instead of tombstones there are great monuments with iron gates, much like the gates of people’s homes in the city.  I was disappointed in my search as 1890 was the oldest date I could find.  Perhaps there is an older part of the cemetery that I didn’t see.

We trolley bused to Jumbo, the giant department store, to do some grocery shopping.  Some things that I want to share with you.  Jam, yoghurt, mayonnaise and tomato sauce all come in plastic bags.

We’re yet to find fresh milk.  Cream and milk are all long life.  They taste fine.

The last thing is you can buy just about anything at Jumbo.

Yes, they are tyres near the fruit and vege section.

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  1. Is there a body in the dumpster/garbage bags when Indie ends her art tour????