Thursday, 24 February 2011

In search of drudgery.

English schools come and go here and finding them can be a bit tricky.  I walked most of Viña del Mar and had to back track a few times as what was once an English school now sold LP Gas and had moved to the other side of town.  I prefer to walk than catch a taxi or bus as I can see things better and make a mental note of what’s worth visiting again.

I don’t know if the Valparaiso Tourist Board wants to know but I created the walking tour of Cerro Playa Ancha’s longest and most boring street.  Which, by the way, does not have an English school at number 852 as the internet suggested.  Cerro Playa Ancha is off our map and is life in the burbs but not as we know it.  We could certainly find a cheap place there but it’s just too far out.

Finding a job is a two part process.  There’s visiting the institutions and schools then there’s making flyers for private lessons and hitting business and asking if they want their staff to learn English.  I walked into the first workplace with confidence, charm and flyer in hand.  What I did forget to take was the phrase for, “Can I leave my flyer here.  It’s for private English classes.”  Better luck next time.

Every body has something to say in Valparaiso.  Some do it by putting art on their front doors or by painting their entire house with vibrant colours.  The last couple of days we’ve really noticed people who whisper their individuality.  These next photos are taken of ground floor windows.  The foot paths are narrow here and when we walk we’re only inches away from someone’s private retreat.

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  1. You'll probably have better luck in really English schools (those that teach several topics -math, science- in English) or in English institutes (Norteamericano, Britanico, etc).

    Those that only teach it as a topic would already have permanent staff and won't be interested in offer it as extra-curricular activity because that's what the institutes are for.