Sunday, 13 February 2011

Love is in the air.

We’re starting to understand the Valpo way of life.  Things don’t really start moving until midmorning and because the sun sets around 9pm there is no reason to rush out the door at first light.

Lollipops, the international language.

We spent the morning doing some home schooling, which involves a bit of maths and writing in a travel diary.  Indiana has been out of school for two months now and we thought we better ease her back in to the idea of having to sit down and concentrate in a classroom.

Most markets have someone trying to sell rocks, don't ask me why.

Each Sunday there is an antiques market at Plaza O’Higgins.  Knowing very little of anything older than what is in our fridge I can’t pass judgment on the quality of the products.  Needless to say there were many natty and groovy things to be seen.  There was a collection of gramophones with quarter inch thick records, money, comics, swords, helmets, typewriters and ice-cream vendors.  I don’t think Chile could function if you took away their ice-cream vendors.

Swiss Army Knife circa 1534

After convincing the girls that we couldn’t find the right bus we walked to Plaza Victoria which we have dubbed the ‘swing park’.  Indiana and Truce had another turn on the bikes until they were red in the face.  Truce felt very proud of herself for riding a bike instead of being in a push car this time.

From the bottom of Cerro Bella Vista (ll is pronounced y – Beya Vista) to our apartment are 180 steps to be conquered.  We told the girls if they had energy for the bikes then they have energy for the steps and they weren’t allowed to complain at all.  Truce’s lawyer like negotiating skills had her stumped how she could whinge without loosing bike privileges.
Parents: 1 – Truce: 0.

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