Saturday, 26 February 2011

Happy Birthday Mum.

Every Saturday and Wednesday the median strip of Avenida Argentina is turned into a giant fruit and vegetable market.  There would have to be at least 200 stalls all selling very similar produce.  The stores are back to back with no chance of any price competition. All store holders are spruikers through necessity.     

Stand in front of a stall for a second and you’ll have a free sample offered to you.

There is an art to presenting your wares.

Store holders have to set up early to trade for the whole day.

It's easy to get to Avenida Argentina as the trolley bus runs the entire length of both sides of the markets.  The produce is fresh and it's quite an experience for all the senses.  It's noisy, aromatic and busy.

But there's always time to stop and fill out a lotto form.

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