Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dead poets society.

Today Lena and I ventured up Cerros Bellavista and Florida.  Our first stop was Pablo Neruda’s home.  I have to admit the dead poet's house was probably never going to make my bucket list but since we live so close and had sent many of our previous visitors there, I thought we should go.  I warned Lena not to hold her breath for anything amazing, thankfully I was wrong. 

The audio tour was offered to us in English and was fascinating and comprehensive.  The house is filled with the personal touches of the poet and his wife and almost everything in the house has a story or a purpose.  On the first floor, Neruda is said to have positioned two paintings opposite each other, one of a man and the other a woman so they wouldn’t be lonely.  Both Lena and I enjoyed Neruda’s house and even more so the walk down the very steep hill.  The streets are filled with art and interesting houses.

By the time we reached the plan we were hungry from all our roaming and photography.  Lena decided she would try a Chilean Completo (hot dog). The Chilean’s have their own take on the hotdog.  You may remember Ricky and Indy’s first inauspicious Completo in Santiago in our first week.  We have since found reputable vendors and so Lena and I headed over to one.  The completo has avocado, tomato, mayo and a strange cabbage salad mix.  The overwhelmed sausage didn’t stand a chance.   Half way through Lena called it quits and I gave it my best.  As we approached CD (crazy dog, who seems to enjoy terrorising Lena) I thought I’d make him an offering of friendship with some of the remaining hotdog.  Unfortunately he didn’t like the cabbage mix either.

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  1. His house in valpo is one of my favorite houses ever! It really lives up to expectations and more, i think. and such a beautiful view...