Sunday, 21 August 2011

A franchised Sunday.

You may remember a few months back our noisy neighbours having a party that lasted from 7pm to 7am.  Last night they started up their music at 10 and we knew we were in trouble when we looked out the window and saw a DJ set up complete with dance lights.

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Our apartment overlooks their yard and we shouted out the window around 11:00 with no reaction and at 2:30am we were ready to dial for the police when we saw a few officers coming up the stairs.  The music died down long enough for us to fall asleep but at some point the music went back up to where we could feel it in our chests.  Our bed is against the window and Talluah, who has since admitted she gets grumpy without enough sleep, opened the window and gave them a double barrel Spanish lesson.  I held onto Talluah’s legs to make sure she didn’t fall out the window.  In her rage she had broken the rule of don’t lean on anything which has now be converted to don’t lean out anything.  Our neighbours didn’t respond quickly enough so Talluah threw a jug of water into their yard and asked, “¿Quieres más?” I think the DJ feared for his equipment and the music was eventually turned down.  By now it was 4:30am and they were ready to wind down anyway. 

This morning was filled with plans of revenge but we decided to use our powers for good instead of evil.  We headed north of Viña to Reñaca.  It’s a highrise dotted tourist town with franchises that, thankfully, aren’t in Valpo.  We opted out for lunch from McDonalds just to see if it tastes the same no matter where you travel to in the world.  It does.

It’s possible that we sat in the sun for too long and had developed sunstroke but we all saw the same thing, a giant donut walking along the beach. The giant donut was handing out flyers for Dunkin’ Donuts.  In our sun-dazed state we succumbed to the 24 for the price of 16 deal. Saying you’re going to buy 24 donuts and doing it are two different things.  That’s 4.8 donuts per person.  Luckily we have the hills of Valpo to counteract the effects of 4.8 donuts.

The stretch between Reñaca and Viña is peppered with high priced attractions for kids such as trampolines, jumping castles, bike hire and fairy floss.  There is plenty for nothing too.  There are several playgrounds, buskers, sand sculptures and just playing on the beach.  I imagine that this is a very popular place to go in the warmer months.

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  1. alexis likes the picture of talluah and lena eating the do=-nut