Saturday, 20 August 2011

When do we get off the bus?

Laguna Verde is a little town with dirt roads and kilometres of open beach. It’s about 35 minutes south of Valparaíso and the bus runs about every hour out there.  We went out today for the first time and managed to go through the town, miss Laguna Verde altogether and had to get off the bus on another dirt road in the middle of a forest.  Where we waited almost an hour for the return bus to Laguna Verde.

Before we headed to the beach to play we decided to have some seafood for lunch at the local restaurant.  When I say restaurant I do mean the only one in town.  Our hopes of a delicious lunch we’re slightly dashed when we opened our menu’s to find more mould then print.  Although we we’re discouraged, we are humble people and realised that the carrots sticks and the packet of biscuits we brought with us would not last 5 people all day.  So, we sucked it up and ordered just one plate of fish and enough chips to keep us from starving.  Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”?  The fish was amazing and the five of us fought over ever last speck.  We all agree we will be going back to, Galeón, in Laguna Verde just for the fish. 

After lunch we went over to the beach and watched a few brave souls venture into the water.  We decided that we’d be happy to just play on the beach. We’re still not accustomed to needing jeans at the beach.

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