Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Recortar y pegar

When parents complain about their children’s education it’s usually that the school lacks funding and resources.  Sadly, for us, it is our household that lacks funding and resources.

Indiana’s last lot of Natural Science homework was to cut out and glue four things made of glass, timber and metal.  Magazines are a bit of a luxury for us and there is no room for them in the budget.  If President Obama can reduce spending by $100M we can opt out not to spend a few thousand pesos on magazines.  This does create a problem for the cut and glue homework but luckily we have been visited by some jet setting German friends who had flown via Paris and brought an inflight magazine with them. 

Remember the task?  Four things made from glass, metal and timber.  Remember the magazine?  A French in flight magazine.

Timber is easy enough.  Indiana found various items of furniture.  For glass, there was a model with sunglasses – naturally, and bottles of champagne – obviously.  In the metal department we have The Eiffel Tower, a Hertz rental car, Samsung mobile phone and a model holding a length of chain.  What does the chain have to do with fashion?  Your guess is as good as mine, but the homework is done and we can all sleep soundly.

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  1. thank-ful for friends with a magazine - wink! I so enjoy your blog.. hugs