Monday, 29 August 2011


For the most part, Valparaíso is covered with art but there is an increasing amount of graffiti showing up.  The local government has been installing rubbish bins all over the city and they usually end of with someone’s tag on them within a few days.  Last weekend they installed three new bins around the ascensor.

One week later they had been vandalised.  This isn’t an expression of art and when you see how much amazing art there is in this city it’s a shame to see graffiti like this.  Thankfully the proper art works seem to be respected and are rarely tagged.


  1. I've never thought that graffiti should be considered art. Not when they take walls from properties that doesn't belong to them, or when they do some things like this one you show in your photo.
    If they want to express something, they can do it another way and with their own things.
    Too bad that these things happen.

  2. Hi Ley,
    Often, The home owner offers there wall or even asks an artist to decorate a part of there building. There seems to be a decent amount of respect for this kind of art/graffiti work however the lack of respect for people who don't have art is really very sad.
    Saludos también..