Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Room for one more.

“I’m hungry,” says she.
“You’re always hungry,” says he.
“I’m tired too,” says she.
“You’re always tired too,” says he.
“I feel a little bit nauseous,” says she.
“You’re always…”

We’d like to announce that there’s going to be a new addition to the Harper family.   This in turn leads to the odd-hour crusades for necessary foods to stifle cravings.

“I want a bacon and avocado sandwich,” says she.
He sighs a sigh of relief – they have those ingredients.
“It’d be really nice on that groovy bread from the other panadería,” says she.

For the viewers at home watching on Black and White sets, we have named all the bread we buy, groovy bread, dimbo, triangle thingys, the double ones, that one we bought the day we went to the park, etc.

Groovy bread comes from a panadería in el Plan.  “The bread from that panadería in the pan?” asks he.
She nods.
“How long will it take you to cook the bacon?”  asks he.
“Seven minutes,” says she.
“Time me,” says he.

Six minutes and thirteen seconds later he returns with a token of his undying love, groovy bread from the panadería in el Plan and enough lactic acid to drop a cow.