Saturday, 6 August 2011

Día Del Niños

Tomorrow is Día del Niños, it ties in with Children’s Day.  This week at school Indiana learnt about the rights of children.  The right to be safe, loved, educated, cared for etc.  Día del Niño has all the trappings of a second Christmas with advertisements on every channel and major supermarkets erecting walls of toys for this one day.  We are yet to see any connection with the rights of children. It would appear it’s all about buying toys, not that the children are complaining.  The street vendors were out in force today with all sorts of toys and mini wrapping booths in various locations.  We were also lucky and stumbled upon a mini circus act, complete with trapeze, diabolo juggling and a clown doing tricks.  Our girls have been asking us for the last week, “What are we doing for Día del niños?”  We didn’t buy them any toys but as a treat they will be having pink milk and jelly for morning tea.  That’s the Australian version.

Truce, our little angle who celebrated her fourth birthday only a few months ago has brought home a report card and a test too.  There’s a great range of things that she’s been tested on.  Fine motor skills, recognising colours, drawing a person, participating in class, opposites of place and size.  We weren’t expecting a report card and for a child who only new a few basic Spanish words six months ago to following verbal instructions (colour the big balloon red, the middle size balloon yellow and the small balloon blue) she has made us extremely proud.  

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