Thursday, 10 March 2011

Chlorine. 1001 uses around the home.

Part of Valparaiso has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   This is a very small part of Valpo mainly comprising of Cerros Alegre, Artilleria,  Concepcion and part of El Plan.  It’s by no surprise that these are the more expensive parts of town and also where you’ll find most expats living.
Our apartment is on the border of the UNESCO zone and though there are no special privileges for living in the zone there is a definite change in the architecture on the next cerro.
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you would have seen numerous colourful houses but there are also the houses owned by people who can’t afford maintenance.

When living in a different country you have to expect a few things to make you raise your eyebrows.  What product would you trust to disinfect your vegetables and protect you from hantavirus, typhus and cholera? 

Talluah heard me gasp from across the apartment when I saw this label.  She came running into the bathroom expecting me to be cornered by the nasty Chilean Recluse Spider.  So what product would you use?  Chlorine of course.

Yesterday I spent an hour in line waiting to see someone about applying for a work visa and was told that my paper work was incorrect and to come back another time.  This was running through my head today while we were walking back from the library and Indiana asked me what I’d wish for.  I said a sack of gold would be nice so I wouldn’t have to look for work.  She asked my why I wanted the gold and I told her I was feeling a bit down about not getting a visa or a job.
Her answer to the situation was this, “Tonight we’ll ask our neighbours and the people living near us to turn off their lights so you can see the stars better then you can look for a falling star and make a wish.”
Some things are more valuable than a sack of gold.


  1. Hi guys... I just want to say that I really love reading your blog... I love the photos and the uncluttered way that you (two?) write the posts. I know that I (and Jenna) am naturally interested because we know you guys - but if I readomly stumbled across ur blog I reakon I would definitely still subscribe and read about your life over there... Sooo, thanks for sharing your adventure with us all and know that you are being cheered on from over here.... Big Cheers!!!!

  2. You should go to Allegretto pizzeria on Cerro Concepcion, a 1 minute walk from your apartment and speak to a friend of mine- Ed, the English owner. He's got 2 kids (boys) around the same age as yours and he might be able to introduce you to other people in the neighbourhood. Another English friend, Mike, also has 2 boys, a little younger also lives close by (Ed knows him as well).

  3. Mary, thanks for your kind words. We're really glad that people are enjoying the updates. We are having a wonderful time living in such a unique city and being able to observe and become a apart of it all. The girls miss their friends of course but they know we'll be back.
    Cheers to a great 2011 (hopefully with less natural disasters.)


  4. Hola Matt,

    Thanks for the insiders info, we'll be sure to grab a pizza there soon. Always happy to meet new people.