Sunday, 20 March 2011

Seven year twitch.

It’s our 7th wedding anniversary and in true Talluah style I remembered yesterday.  Usually Ricky puts me to shame but with all the new stuff going on in our lives he almost forgot too.  Unfortunately the girls and I have got the flu.  NO kisses for me today.  

Since we arrived I have been searching for good bread.  You probably recall Ricky’s post about Dimbo the bread shop with the white rolls. Well I have learnt from a Valpo expat that all the white breads in those types of bakeries are made with lard.  Good thing we’re not vegetarians.  With all the hills we are walking it’s not going to kill us eating it but as Indy would say it’s a sometimes food. We found a little boutique bakery with very healthy bread.  Ricky suggested that maybe there was a bird somewhere who was wondering where his seed was. But as healthy and tasty as it was it was also quite expensive. In search of balance I decided to try and make bread.  I set the oven to purgatory and started kneading.  You can be the judge.

Breakfast this morning was crusty homemade bread made eatable by the addition of homemade strawberry jam.  

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