Friday, 18 March 2011

While the cat's away...

We're enjoying a bit of fast walking around Valparaiso while the kids are in school.  If someone asked me what are the two most important things to bring to Valpo I would say walking shoes and a camera, everything else will just slow you down.

Lautaro Rosas is the type of street we want to live on.  It's flat and is not used as a thoroughfare.  It's also very expensive.  There are some great boutiques along Lautaro Rosas.

Because most people use public transport it is usually just the tourists that plod along the hills.  Occasionally you do see some of the more antique members of Valpo out and about.

But even the younger ones need to have a rest.

This is the knife sharpener.  Noise is a distinctive form of advertising here.  The gas man bangs on empty cylinders, one of the ice-cream vendors has a cow's horn and you all remember the empanada lady.  This knife sharpener has his own ear splitting whistle.

This is green power at its best.  When he's finished two of the legs become handles and the whole unit becomes wheelbarrowesque and he moves on to the next set of restaurants.

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