Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Trying to get into a RUT.

Every Chilean has a RUT (Rol Único Tributario) or simply, a tax identity number.  If you’re coming here on holidays you don’t need one.  If you’re coming here to work and live for any period of time it is vital to get one.  Even using prepaid internet on your computer requires a RUT.  Transactions like buying a car, house, electricity or phone connection is impossible unless you have a RUT.

A RUT is the first step for obtaining a work visa.  Anyone can apply for a RUT, it doesn’t grant you any special privileges or mean that you will be given any types of visa. 
The RUT application form is a piece of paper that is a foot long and completely in Spanish, legal terms Spanish.  This was more than Google Translate could handle. 
We caught a trolley bus over to The Yellow House (best B&B in Valparaiso) and asked them to help us with a bit of translation.  It turns out the form isn’t so scary after all. We’ve been warned that we’ll need copies of passports, birth certificates, school certificates, record of employment and one other thing that we won’t have on us and is difficult to find.  Tomorrow is a trip to the SII (tax office) building and wait in a long line and see how easy it is to be lost in red tape.

When Talluah left the school yesterday it was agreed, in English, for us to come back at two o’clock today to be told if the teachers would take the gringas.  We did so and had a frustrating conversation through an intercom system with a lady we hadn’t met.  She eventually came to the door but we were out of our depth and between the two of us could not explain to her that we had an appointment.  She told us to come back tomorrow – the first day of school – and talk to someone then.  In South America, when they say meet me tomorrow at two o’clock, it means: at some point in the future we will speak again.   

The library.  We love the high ceilings.

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  1. Your photos are just divine, they really make all your posts come to life. The library photo speaks a thousand words. If only there was smell as well.....