Friday, 4 March 2011

Valparaiso in 60 minutes.

We joined the library today.  Our library back in Oz lets us borrow 30 books per person.  Our new library here lets us borrow three books at a time.  Three books in Spanish are more than enough for us at the moment.  We’ll read them a few times each until we get the full gist of the story.

I went for a photographic expedition this morning and while walking through a different part of town a lady asked me if I spoke Spanish and then told me in English that I was in a dangerous area and to put my camera away. 

162 steps.

Just up the road there were three young boys playing soccer and here was a woman three quarters my weight and size, walking by herself telling me that I was in a dangerous part of Valparaiso.  Crime is more about opportunity than a subculture of masked bandits waiting around corners for passing gringos.

When free advice is given out it’s best to follow it.  Today's snaps show the variety of Valparaiso in an hour long walk.

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