Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Here we have the Australas Familias Maximus.

Are these people for real?

We moved into our new apartment today.  It’s amazing what you can accumulate in a month.  Linen, towels, school uniforms, maps, library books all add to our earthly possessions.  Moving house involves shoving it all into a suitcase and backpack and making several one kilometre trips to the new apartment.
While traipsing back and forth we saw art students dotted about various streets sketching, presumably, the perspective of the buildings.  Taking a photo is all about freezing 1/60 of a second or even capturing 1/800 of a second.  Drawing a picture though is so much more forgiving.  It doesn’t matter if someone blinks or a car drives by at the wrong moment.  The artist doesn’t have to think in fractions of a second.  Though the pen may not be as accurate as film, I think that sometimes it can capture more.

We’ve moved into a one bedroom apartment.  There are several ways of looking at this.   Winter is approaching and we’ve heard that it can be bitterly cold here.  Having us all in one room will conserve heat loss.  Many a David Attenborough film shows a furry family bedding down together for the winter.
We do have views of the harbour and the more ramshackled side of town.  It’s a bit further away from the school but we’re near a working ascensor and for only CH$100 a person we can cut out 50% of the whinging when we go into town.  The building we’re in was built in at the beginning of the 1900s and shows the classic signs of Valparaisian architecture.  Corners do not have to be at ninety degrees.  The left side of the room can be higher than the right side and ceilings will be impossible to reach.

I am impressed with this little fellow’s desire to share the view with us.  It seems wrong to evict him seeing as he must have worked hard to get here.  If he doesn’t pay his share of the rent I’ll have to ask him to leave.

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