Wednesday, 16 March 2011

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Talluah met the author of the Footprints guide to Chile the other day and he gave us some great inside information about living in Chile.   He’s been here for eleven years and has travelled the length of Chile several times updating the guide books.
He swears by avoiding the supermarkets and buying all fresh produce off the street.  We had such great produce from the Wednesday markets at Avenida Argentina that we had to go back there again today.  In fifteen minutes we’d walked half the markets and bought carrots, corn, oranges, grapes, strawberries, bananas, onions, beetroots, apples, avocados and eggs all for less than AU$8.00

The fast food street vendors were scattered throughout the markets and we tried some sopaipilla.  It’s a fried pastry, which has been eaten in some form since the 1700s.  It’s very similar to a potato scallop but crispier.  It’s served with a great Chilean tomato and onion salsa.

Tonight was our first earth tremor.  According to Facebook chatter it was a 5.3 on the Richter scale. We don’t let the kids watch the news so they’re not completely aware of the devastation in Japan.  Children always look at the adventurous aspect and Indiana has been waiting to feel a tremor. It was a 9.3 on the Indiana excitement scale.

The school uses a timetable from grade two onwards.  This way Indiana only has to take the books that she needs for each day.  We don’t usually see timetables until high school.  Truce also has a timetable, a different sort of timetable, one for food.  This is to help promote a healthy diet.  Today was a yoghurt and sandwich day, tomorrow is yoghurt and fruit.  We don’t know how reliable our witness is but Truce says that the other kids bring soft drinks.

Truce’s teacher says that she understands most of what she has to do during the day and does speak to the other students.  Even in her first language Truce is a non-verbal communicator.  The smile on Truce’s face is enough for us. 

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