Wednesday, 30 March 2011

If I could turn back time.

There is a perception that South America is very relaxed.  And to a degree it certainly is.  Daylight savings was a heated topic for Queensland, Australia some time back and required a referendum to show that people don't want their curtains to fade.

Here in Chile we are suffering the downside of Daylight Saving Time.  Summer has truly finished and after I walk Indiana to school I turn around and watch the sunrise at eight o’clock in the morning.

The end of DST in Chile was supposed to be March the 12/13th but the Government is concerned about a possible energy crisis so this date has been pushed back to May 7/8th.  There is a belief that with less night time the energy consumption is reduced and the crime rate is also lower.  The power that we’re not using at night we use when we turn the lights on in the morning to find the kid’s socks.

Talluah went out to the Wednesday fruit and veg market on the trolley bus.   The bus stopped suddenly and Talluah wondered why because no-one had pressed the button.  The driver jumped out and ran around to the back of the bus.  You’ll have to excuse my use of scientific jargon here.  The thingys that hook onto the electric wires had jumped off and the driver had to lasso the thingys back in place.  There was a line up of trolley buses waiting as they can’t overtake each other.

The immersion method has worked for Truce.  While the girls were doing their homework (Truce is very indignant if she doesn’t have any homework) Truce pointed to a picture of the moon and said, “La luna.  Aughh!  I can’t remember what you call it in English.”

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