Thursday, 14 April 2011

Green is good.

The Botanical Gardens located on the outskirts of Viña Del Mar is well worth a visit or two.  Yesterday we were lucky enough to have our very own guide.  

Our friend suggested a picnic by a tranque (man made lake) and we jumped at the chance.  Not only are you surrounded by greenery from all over the world but they also boast, a BBQ area, many extensive walking paths and a high ropes obstacle course. 

I’m not sure whose eye’s lit up the most Indiana’s or Ricky’s when they saw the ropes way up high in the trees but I get the feeling I will be spending a lot of time there in the future.

We experienced an interesting situation upon returning home from the gardens; our apartment had no water on.  At the same time we had the first heavy rain for the year, up until now we have really only had mist.  There was more water outside than we had seen in over two months but no water inside.  

We knew we would be fine for drinking water however we were a little worried about the toilet.  After Ricky and I had done the usual thing of turning every tap on, checking the taps in the yard and speaking to the neighbours we told the girls that there was no water for our entire street and that we weren’t sure when it would be turned back on.  Moments later we heard the toilet flush, Indiana came out of the bathroom with a proud look on her face, “The water is back on,” she said. “I just flushed the toilet to check.”  Ricky and I exchanged looks which could only be interpreted as parental annoyance of having a child who always wants to “help”.  Ricky had a student coming so I spent the evening praying he wouldn’t ask to use our bathroom.  Thankfully he didn’t.

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