Friday, 29 April 2011

Scooch on over.

Moving house is ranked as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.  A natural assumption is that moving to another country must be more stressful.  Our marriage has remained rock solid throughout our transition here.  However, there is something that has destroyed more relationships than lipstick on a collar.

The humble allan key and instructions in a foreign language should be part of any pre-marriage course.  The last time that Talluah and I were tested like this was assembling a computer desk in London some eight years ago.

Our futon arrived today in no less than three boxes.    After awhile you start to miss a few creature comforts and life without out some sort of couch is akin to camping indoors for a year.

A futon such as this one is the same as a giant mouse trap.  Any novice assembler could become a human Frenchfry in seconds.  Now we have somewhere the kids can watch the Saturday morning Spanish cartoons or we can read stories.  We have a slow combustion fire place so in the near future we’ll be able to roast marshmallows from the comfort of our futon.

We have established one rule.  No foodon, no feeton the futon.  © 2011

The next photo translates to Take your rubbish or.  I don’t know why it ends with ‘or’.  Note the bottle top lid that wasn't moved for this sign.  This is on the stairs behind us that lead down to the plan. They're a favourite drinking place and we've been told to only use them during the day.

There does seem to be a grassroots movement to have the residents take more care of Valpo.

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