Friday, 22 April 2011

Let it rain.

Today brought with it the second lot of rain that we’ve seen in ten weeks. The rainfall is so low in Valparaíso that we didn’t bother to bring any specific wet weather gear.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but Talluah had to get across town to work a shift at The Yellow House for the busy Easter weekend period.  Indy and Truce both have a cough and sore throats.  At one o’clock we stared out the window watching Talluah dodge the rain drops we planned our activities for the day.

By 1:15 we had learnt there are certain games that cannot be played in a one-bedroom apartment.  Hide and seek sounds great for a dark rainy day but by the time we’d all had a turn hiding behind the curtain the game had grown boring.
We’ve been saving our cereal boxes for just such an occasion and the girls and I constructed a few buildings to go in a yet to be built city of the future.  Another aspect of being in a one bedder is that there is limited space for cities of the future to be located.
The maestros downstairs turned into the maestros upstairs.  We listened to them traipsing around in the roof cavity.  There is a lot of wasted space up there and with a little bit of work could be the attic where so many stories have begun.  Rainy day, bored child wanders into the attic, dusty trunk in the corner… 
A few minutes later the maestros came down and proceeded to tell me what they were doing in the attic.  When you’re learning another language there are certain phrases you learn first, Where’s the bathroom?  How much does this cost?  Is it contagious? and so on.  Discussing why someone is in a ceiling cavity is not in any phrase book I know.  I caught the words for roof and water.  Putting two and two together I told him that in the two times that it’s rained here we’ve never had a leak.  He pointed to above the kitchen sink.  Ok – so we have a leak.  No leaving the laptop on the table tonight.

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