Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Incredible generosity.

Truce has the flu, nothing major just an everyday common cold that we are treating with lots of rest, water and Euky Bear Rub. This is probably a by-product of travelling in inconsistent air conditioning on the way to and from Argentina.  She’s off school until her nose stops exploding, which will hopefully be soon thanks to our maestro. 

There is a studio is being fitted out downstairs by two maestros (carpenters). This afternoon they came up to our apartment to look at a few things for us.  While they were visiting they said they had heard Truce coughing and asked if she was taking any medicine.  When I told them of my water and rest method one of them decided to intervene.  He sent his mate down to retrieve a packet of unopened herbs, which had a picture of some lungs on it and said herbal. 

After a few minutes of mime and some very slow Spanish I finally understood his basic instructions to make her a tea with the contents of the packet.  At this point I don’t think he was satisfied that I knew what I was doing so he grabbed a cup from our shelf and poured in some herbs, directed me to add hot water to the top and a spoonful of honey. The remedy reminded me of the many potions Indiana used to concoct in our Aussie backyard. 
When he had left I tried the tea and waited a while to make sure I wasn’t going to poison my youngest.  Half an hour later Truce was screwing her face up as she reluctantly drank the hot liquid. 

I have no idea if it will help, as Ricky pointed out it’s more fluid so that can’t hurt.   But a few hours later it struck me the extreme generosity of this man, a complete stranger.  Not only did he give us the full box of herbs but he took the time to care. 

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  1. Wow -- kindness is everywhere -- what a beautiful moment..