Monday, 18 April 2011

Romantic bunk beds.

The children were threatened with unprintable punishments if they decided to wake us up early on Sunday morning.  We reminded them that 90 minutes before breakfast is served is a tad too early.  One thing about staying in a hostel is that 90% of the guests won’t be up for the 8:00 breakfast. 

We tried to dawdle after breakfast but our room was so small that it was impossible and we headed out into sleepy Mendoza.  We walked from one plaza to the next hunting down playgrounds for the girls to play on.  

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that Plaza Independencia started to come alive.  Artisans set up in their wares all around the plaza.  We sat and watched four buskers entertain the crowd.  It ranged from slapstick, mime, and unicycles to bubbles, fire juggling and the passing of the hat.  We had caught the tail end of another busker and it seems that the tradition is to send the children forward with the money for the buskers.  It was the same for these four comics.  Argentinean notes less than 10 pesos look like they have spent the last five years hidden in someone’s shoe.  I gave Indiana a ripped, faded, dog eared note and sent her off.

The show must have been good because we couldn’t catch all they were saying but we still enjoyed it.  There were a few jokes that went over our heads.  We carried our two tired girls back through the night markets and set our alarm for the bus trip back to Valparaiso.

Some videos from our weekend in Mendoza.

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