Wednesday, 6 April 2011

There's sugar in them-thar cereals.

Some of the joy of not understanding the language is being able to lie to yourself.  In Australia we were very selective about what we feed our children.  Here we like to purchase cereals that we know will give our kids the energy to power up the hill to school.
Corn Flakes: just like in Australia except they have somehow managed to crack the secret of cereal that crunches till the very last spoon full.  Impossible to eat without milk.
Atómicos: contrary to what the name suggests this cereal is star shaped and tastes like moon rocks.
Power Chocolate: now we’re starting to get into the language that children understand – sugar.  This is popular in the Harper household, as is Milo cereal.
Frutal: it may have the colours of fruit but I imagine that no fruit was harmed in the manufacturing of this product.
Trix: an outright winner.  Not only does this cereal have the colours of fruit but it is also shaped like fruit.  It has to be good for you.  It’s called Trix because that’s what the kids do when they bounce off the walls.
The search is now on to find a cereal with more sugar and colours than Willy Wonka’s  Chocolate Factory.

Have you ever wondered how they make shredded celery?  Talluah is still down for the count with a nasty flu and I had to go solo to the vegetable markets.  It was here that I discovered how to make shredded celery for the masses.

Saturday night is bath night whether you need it or not.

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  1. that celery is so perfect for soup. where do I get me a grater.