Saturday, 23 April 2011

One flu in the Cuckoo nest.

When school was starting, the street vendors were selling books and other stationery items.  The first cold morning saw all the scarves and beanies come out.  Valentines Day brought out enough roses and hearts to topple the Mills and Boone Corporation.
We find the street vendors are as reliable as any calendar.  We always know what’s coming up next. With Easter only minutes away all the peddlers are pushing chocolate eggs, cloth carrots and surprise packages wrapped in coloured foil.  I assume they have something chocolate inside them but I sense a pig in a poke.

The adage, necessity is the mother of invention took on new meaning when we passed this house.   Many of the people around us don’t have yards or even a garden of some variety. I know that Australians think they invented it but the word barbeque comes from the Spanish language.  It would appear that the Easter weekend is a time for barbeques and those that live on quiet streets can take over the footpath. 

Those that live in a house clad in iron can take a more inventive approach.   Yes, it’s a BBQ out of the second storey window.

A few weeks back we went to the botanical gardens.  Having seen how much Coca Cola is consumed in Chile I have recently bought shares in the company.  All of the glass bottles are returnable and some of the plastic ones are too, but there is the odd one that goes towards a more green use.

Our neighbour fumigated her apartment and since then Indiana has been getting bitten by something during the night.  Indy sleeps on the lower part of a trundle bed and we had a chat to the maestro about putting some legs on the bed.  We mimed and conversed in Spanish and he agreed to fix the bed.  Over the next few days we heard the word mañana used with each greeting.  Today was D-day.  He carried the bed downstairs and we listened to lots of power sawing going on.  A power saw to attach legs?   Perhaps we should have drawn a picture.

Thirty minutes later her carried the bed back up with the legs attached.  He’d sanded the edges and gave us the receipt for the materials plus the cost of his labour.  Without any of my tools there is no way I could have down a decent job for the same price.  It’s the first time we’ve ever hired a handyman to do a job for us.  It feels a bit elitist. 
We’ll see if Indy survives the night without being bitten by anything. 

This is Charlie Brown.  From what we can gather it’s either a Day Care Centre or an indoor play centre.  I’m trying to work out if it’s the naughty kids or the good ones who get to use this slide.

A few things that you might not know about dogs.  They like to read newspapers.

All dogs have a guardian angel, you just have to be lucky to capture it on film.

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