Sunday, 1 May 2011

Leche! Leche! Leche!

Indiana wants to earn some pocket money to be more independent.  The translation of this is she wants more ice-creams and is sick of hearing me say, “Did you bring any money?”  Oh the power of being a parent.

We compromised and in hindsight it would have been easier to buy her an ice-cream.  Milk is long life here and can be bought in boxes of twelve by one litre containers.  It isn’t any cheaper but it’s convenient for lactose lovers such as we.  Indiana bought a box of milk on consignment from us and is to sell the milk for a profit of CH$75.  She needs to sell 4 litres of milk for one ice-cream.  One way or another it’ll teach her about the pros and cons of retail. 
She does a great A la rica leche spiel.   All we need to do now is sell a litre…

We were invited to Cerro Roucant for a pizza afternoon with Boris.  We ducked down to El Plan to buy our share of the ingredients only to find the major supermarkets mysteriously closed.  A quick bus ride to Jumbo faired similar results with a lady telling us that today is Labour Day.  So yes they do celebrate Labour Day in Chile and no we didn’t know about it.  We grabbed a few empanadas from a panaderia that was open and chuffed off to Boris’ house.  He lives in one of the oldest casas in the area and the girls had a great time playing in the garden.  Children and gardens go hand in hand.  There’s something magical about being able to explore unkempt brambles and make up games us you zigzag through the plants.

And what of the pizzas, I hear you ask.  All was not lost.  We had empanadas for entrees while Boris’ mum made the pizza dough from scratch.   The toppings were an eclectic mix of zucchini, cream, tuna, cheese and tomato creatively improvised by Boris.


  1. i love seeing the odd piece of ex charley clothing in your pics. Glad the pink poncho is coming in handy!

  2. funny how it's not Truce wearing it though...It's a really warm poncho. Indy loves it !