Friday, 6 May 2011

What did I miss?

The school that our girls attend has a reunion (meeting) every month.  They don’t have a newsletter as such so this is how they pass on all the important information for the following month.  Twice this week I have traipsed up the hill for a third time in one day to attend these meetings.  I call them my intense Spanish listening exams.  For approximately 2 hours I sit in a freezing classroom with a bunch of other parents.  I watch lips and listen intently in hope of not missing the real important stuff.  Like when they change the pick up times. 

My favourite thing is when the school inspector does his little notes at the end of the meeting.  Not once did he open his mouth while he was speaking to us.  Not a glimpse of a tooth, nada.  I can tell you that I most definitely failed that section of the test.

In Indiana's class a few of the parents speak English.   This is very helpful in cross referencing the main points of the meeting.  Not to mention that Indiana understands most of what is going on around her now and can ask her peers for help.  In Truce's case however, no-one can help me when the Spanish turns into one big blur.  I have to try and find someone who is willing to listen to me tell my version in basic Spanish of what the meeting was about.  This is the scary part of the language barrier.  Luckily I know that if I'm ever really worried I have friends at the school who will help me.

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