Thursday, 19 May 2011

Live Below The Line.

For the most part seeing other cultures and travelling is a positive experience. But every now and then you will inevitably wish that you could un-see something.  There have been a few times in the last couple of months when I have done the quick step and put myself between the girls and something I wish I could remove from my memory.  Protecting your children must be a gene on a timer set to activate upon the arrival of your first-born.  Once it kicks in there is no stopping it.  When we set out on this adventure we knew we would be exposing them to good and bad experiences.  But no matter what happens we know we'll be able to provide them with the basic necessities such as food, clean water and health care.  They are safe and cherished. 

This week I learned of a fund raising initiative from one of my friends in Australia.  It’s called “Live Below the Line” From May 16th to the 20th the challenge was to live on less than $1.50 a day.  Morning coffees didn't make the budget and neither did fruit.   The idea is to give people a chance to raise money for global poverty while exposing themselves to the reality of extreme poverty.  I was touched by this idea and thought I would mention it to hopefully help get the word out.  

And to think billions of people live like that every day. 


  1. It's here even in Cabo the resort city -- the sad awful living conditions I see around here too.. does sadened me a great deal..

  2. how is the dog bit ??/

  3. Ricky's fine thanks for asking, luckily it was through his thick jeans. It's more of a bruise now.
    take care