Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Beware the snaperazzi.

Truce’s birthday is on Saturday and Talluah is madly preparing for an untold number or four-year olds descending into Cerro Alegre’s own Australian Embassy.  We received a quick run down on what usually happens at a Chilean party and apparently there is an official hot chocolate drinking ceremony.  We don’t even have enough cups for when two friends come round, how are we going to serve hot chocolate to the masses plus their parents?  We will be introducing the all important fairy-bread cuisine to South America.  Any other traditional Australian party suggestions are welcome.

Talluah went shopping this morning to scope out some presents for Truce.  Part of living on the other side of the globe is that family send money with instructions to go buy something nice for Truce.  She saw a lady patting Crazy-Dog and informed her how dangerous he is and that he had dinned on my leg last week.  The lady kept on patting Crazy-Dog and politely suggested that Talluah cross on the other side of the road.

Later in the day Talluah went out with the kids and saw Crazy-Dog and his blonde mate chasing a man.  The man was holding a camera.  After much scientific research we have decided that this maladjusted canine does not like cameras.  As we speak we are preparing a mechanical crash test dummy with a camera around it’s neck to test out our theory.

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  1. crazy dog dummy -- that would be a sight to see! and have fun with the 4 year olds --wink!