Friday, 13 May 2011

Don't leche guard down.

Indiana managed a bulk order for her leche business and has been rattling her 500 pesos around the house since last weekend.  I’ve never seen money burn a hole in someone’s hand so quickly.  I ducked into Lider yesterday and picked up another carton of milk.
Well those lecherous people at Lider, afraid of a little competition, have raised the price of milk by a full 5%.  I could lecher them about free enterprise but I don’t think it’ll change anything. 

Yesterday, one of my students came in to the institute looking a little puffed.  She’s always late but after a quick conversation told me that her bus went through tear gas.  Students were protesting about the cost of education and the police dispersed the crowd with tear gas and water canons.  Looking at some of the photos it would appear that it wasn’t a peaceful protest.  Here’s a link to some photos from the day.  Luckily it took place a few kilometres away from us and we’re aware of avoiding angry looking crowds approaching riot police.  A side of Valpo we didn’t know existed.

While I was writing this post we watched the water canon truck chase a group of about 25 protesters up the street but they ran up the stairs that come to near our house.  It’s very difficult for water canon trucks to chase people up stairs but easy for protestors to throw rocks down onto.

I have psoriasis and as such have tried many lotions, potions, diets, creams etc.  Most skin products rely on ingredients that evoke a sense of wellness and health such as plant extracts and ancient minerals.  Feel the invigorative mix of papaya and hibiscus petals… You know the ones.  We were strolling through a little artisan market and saw a skin care product made from caracol.  Sounds mythical and natural.  Caracol is one of the words we do know.  You may know this ingredient as snail.   Fair enough.  I’ve never seen a snail with dry skin.  Before purchasing a product made from snails it’s important to push the image of how they use the snail out of your mind.

My initial thoughts were that I was buying snake oil.  The cream was white and smelt like grandma’s top drawer.  Logic tells me that if there were squashed snails inside the jar then it should be black and smell like a sheep shearer’s armpit.  I do not believe that any snails were harmed in the making of this product.  This does lead me to my next question.  Why would anyone correlate squashed snails with rejuvenating skin?  Haven’t these people heard of jojoba beans and wheat germ?  

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