Sunday, 8 May 2011

Feliz día de Mamá.

It’s customary on Mother’s Day to allow mums to sleep in while the rest of the family destroys the kitchen making Corn Flakes on toast.  We managed the sleep in part because last night the clocks were wound back an hour for the end of daylight savings thus giving Talluah an extra 60 minutes beauty sleep – not that she needs it.

As Super-Mum, undies on the inside, Talluah has managed to relocate her brood overseas, shop faster than a haggling vendor, leap over the highest doggy-dos and is more powerful than a Valparaísian morning fog.  Indy and Truce are blessed to have her as their mum.

Schools in Chile share a common bond with schools in Australia and perhaps all over the world.  On Friday, both girls came home with gifts hecho en la escuala.  Indiana had a fridge magnet with a picture of an ascensor on it and Truce had a love heart on a stick as well as a bangle with an angel on it.

As for the Corn Flakes on toast with complementary cold coffee we took the coward’s way out and headed to a great little restaurant that is in the middle of our Paseo.   

Indiana is so keen to practise her Spanish that she began ordering before we had finished reading the menu.  Yesterday, we had some friends come over for lunch and I sent Indy and Truce to the downstairs apartment, rented by Chileans, to ask if we could borrow some chairs.  I listened from above as there was a quick conversation and when Indy came back she translated the whole tête-à-tête for me.

To help make this Mother’s Day more memorable I took Talluah to the ruins to help collect firewood.

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