Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

We watched this mural being created and admired the hand painted words in the top right Valparaiso Limpio.  We see a lot of beauty in Valpo and have chosen not photograph the rubbish that we do see.  Most cities have a litter problem.

The large metal sign in the top left corner didn’t go up until a week later when three large recycling bins appeared.  Glass recycling bins are fairly common in the city but as yet this is the first paper and plastic recycling we’ve seen.  Two thumbs up for Valparaiso.

Work Place Health and Safety may not approve of this method of erecting a ladder but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it done this way.  On closer inspection I think this is the cable television and the electricity is higher up.  Or is it?

We haven’t seen the sun in the mornings for a few days now.  This photo was taken after 8:30 am.  Valparaíso is on a similar latitude to our home town and we were foolish in thinking that the weather would be similar.  It’s not.  Valparaíso has cold winters and thick fogs.  Our T-shirt to jacket ratio was a little back to front when we were packing.  It’s not winter yet and the girls have their fleece stockings, neck warmers, gloves and beanies on for the walk to school.  Some days they even wear it home from school.

The neck warmers are the best invention.  Imagine a wide polar fleece headband designed to go around your neck.  It can be worn so it covers your mouth and neck or you can wear it like a headband and cover your ears.  Every other street vendor sells them for CH$1.000.  It saves the kids from tripping on their scarves.  

Indy at it again.


  1. these photos are great! and its great to see valpo being green friendly!