Thursday, 5 May 2011

How fast can you run with a week's worth of shopping?

"So, aren’t you going to ask me why I’m puffing," I said to Ricky as I pushed through the apartment door weighed down by my bags. 
"Okay," he said.  "Why are you so puffed?" 

Because I had to run to get away from some guys wanting to either scare me or sell me drugs.  I offered as I began to reveal my spoils. 
After I had unpacked and calmed Ricky down I explained to him that I was taking photos on my way home from the shops when I noticed some youths hanging out in a doorway.  They called out some Spanish to me and then followed me down the street.  In hindsight I was completely safe the whole time.  Now I think about it I believe that they were worried I might have been taking their photo.  Needless to say I now know where to go if I want to purchase something illegal.

We’ve been collecting a little bit of fire wood on the way home from school.  Our fireplace is about 40cm deep.  Our timber is not.  I ducked down to the maestro and asked him if he could cut our last branch into halves.  We had a conversation about eucalyptus trees.  By conversation I mean that I gave my much used Spanish spiel about eucalyptus trees and he replied with his tongue moving at light-speed.  I know that he was talking about timber but the finer details were lost as his words hit Mach 3. 

We must be friends though because a little later one of his work mates came up and asked if we could fill his thermos with hot water.  I only know this is what he said because he had a thermos in his hand.

Later still the maestro came up with a bundle of firewood, walked in, dropped the timber and left.  Most of our conversations with people are like this – we talk and later we learn what we spoke about.

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