Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sisterly love.

We did not know how much travel we were going to do here so we came over with a great stash of medicine from Australia.  Truce has had a reoccurring flu so we broke out the antibiotics to knock it on the head.  Normally we let nature take its course but it seemed like nature needed a boost.  She has improved dramatically and now has energy to divert towards inane questions that make your head hurt.  Talluah assures me that she’ll grow out of it and reminds me that when Indiana was this age I wasn’t working from home. 

The flu is a problem here mainly because of the unexpected fogs that roll in randomly.  Public transport is widely used and people are in constant contact with each other.  Houses offer little in the way of retaining heat.  Many students talk about having cold homes and with the many hills and shared walls it’s easy for a house to be shaded for most of the day.  

The last rays of sun leave our apartment around 11:00a.m.  One of our favourite shops to visit on a cold day is Dimbo, the bakery on the way to school.  As far as shops go it’s very small but it’s always roasty warm inside with that fresh bread smell.

Our backyard is the walkway to the ascensor and when someone starts to suffer from cabin fever we all head out to the ascensor.  Indiana picks up her leche sign and we do homework or drawing while people walk by.  Indiana made another two sales today.  We’ve decided to cut her some slack and absorb Lider’s 5% price rise.  I think with a better location she stands a chance of making some money.  She's moved her target now from buying ice creams to being able to afford a gift for her sister's birthday in two weeks. 

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