Friday, 24 June 2011

Here's to business ventures.

There are seals that swim close to the shoreline here and they seem to be here all year.  As a possible business venture we could buy a boat and take tourists out to Swim With the Seals.  Or in Spanish, Nadar con las focas.  The plan is simple.  Whack the tourists into wetsuits, one size fits all.  Chug out to the seals and drop fish heads in the water (to attract the seals, not sharks).  Wait two minutes and the customers jump in. 
I saw no flaws in this plan until going out to Paseo Muelle Barón.  A little further up there is a cement structure in the water where seals sun themselves.  From a distance, seals look like playful kittens that can swim.  Up close they resemble hungry lions.  After realising how big they are and watching how wide they can open their mouths I believe that the business needs a watertight waiver.

Paseo Muelle Barón is at the base of Cerro Baron.  This is the terminal for the cruise ships and unfortunately it is also where much of Valparaíso’s discarded water bottles and other rubbish ends up. 

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  1. is there anything there that match or and useful -- wink.. bummer such trash ends-up is places like that..stay safe..your photos are always so clear - love the first photo cool.. hugs