Thursday, 16 June 2011

A shocking power bill.

There is only one meter box for the house so the electricity, and other costs, are averaged out and divided amongst the tenants.  This notion works well enough until some evil-take-over-the-world type people moved in next door and decided to build a Time Refracting Anti-Polarising Vortex machine.

As yet I don’t have any real evidence of said machine being built but they fit the profile perfectly.  They’re quiet and keep to themselves, they have an accent and they like cats.  I’m just assuming the bit about the cats but the first two facts are true.  I haven’t found any blueprints lying about but our power bill has made a monumental leap into the stratosphere.

We have lived in this apartment for almost three months now and in that time the power consumption has gone down progressively.  In April the house used 425 kWh and in May 180 kWh but the last bill says the house used a staggering 680 kWh.

The dots have been joined I hear you say.  To go from 180 to 680 kWh is way beyond normal consumption and therefore it’s obvious that our next door neighbours are in the process of building a Time Refracting Anti-Polarising Vortex machine.

Our next challenge is to work out what this machine does.

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  1. that sound all to real -- we had problem with our power bill and come to find out someone had hooked into our powerline -- grr .. hope you find the problem soon..