Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New mini blog - now with 10% less sugar.

When we arrived in Chile we understood very quickly the importance of watching where we were walking.  With all the uncovered holes and doggy doo doos it is not wise to raise the eyes.   
This week we were reminded of the all important, Don’t lean on anything rule.  In the news we read about a tourist in Valparaiso who fell from the second floor when she sat on a window sill and it gave way.  Coincidently this week we noticed that a near by building had lost a piece of its wall three stories up.

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  1. I understand totally - places here I question and wonder how they can think that's safe to live in and have even watch a building go up that had my head doing the no no movement!..Let stay safe -- and keep the "don't lean on anything" in force.. wink!