Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It’s raining, it’s pouring.

According to our guidebooks and other anecdotal evidence we have had a year’s worth of rain in the last three days.  It rained through Monday night and in the morning when we awoke it was still pouring.

We didn’t pack any wet weather gear and are yet to purchase a raincoat or umbrella.  We live on a pasaje, a street only for foot traffic.  There was no way we could get to the end of street without needing a complete wardrobe change.  We decided against using the plastic tablecloth from Truce’s party and opted to let the kids stay home for the day.  An hour after we announced the news the cloud departed and we had the bluest sky we’ve had in months.  Once you’ve told kids they can wag school it’s near impossible to reverse the decision. 

Indiana showed us her passionate side and stayed in her PJs until after lunch.  Not wanting to waste such a beautiful day I suggested a trip to the park.  Forty minutes later we were finally ready to go.  When theses kids have a day off they really take it seriously.  Luckily the lure of a muddy park was strong enough to get them out of the house and we all enjoyed our three day weekend.

School policy is that if a child misses school she has to catch-up with homework and class work.  Indy and I spent ninety minutes on Tuesday doing all the work she missed at school and we didn’t finish it.

We had more rain this morning and two little smiling faces climbed into our bed and asked if they could have another day off school.  This time we were one step ahead of the weather and set about getting ready for school.  Fortunately we were right and the rain turned into a light mist by the time we had to leave.


  1. send some of that rain over here I am Cabo would be the way I have not be over here in awhile and I have missed a great deal - but besides that - so many colorful art work on buildings seems everywhere = do you get sad about so much of it -- just wondering! I enjoyed your post too - greatly.. hug and stay dry..wink!

  2. Hi Kris, not sure what you mean about being sad about the art work? There is a lot of graffiti but I choose not too spend any time looking at the aspects of the city that I don't like.

    One of my favourite buildings is being renovated at the moment which means they are tearing down a bunch of amazing graffitis and replacing it with plain tin, I feel very sad about that!

    I don't like it when people write their names all over things but I have noticed that all the important buildings here are kept pristine and sin artwork.

    I think in Valpo an artists talent is truly celebrated and because of this graffiti is sometimes tolerated.

    We will try to stay dry. Gorgeous weather today. Really hot. I'll be sure to try and send the next rain storm Cabo's direction. ;)
    T ox