Saturday, 4 June 2011

Weather report.

Ricky very tactfully fore mentioned that our t-shirt to jumper ratio was way off but I’m going to drop the tact.  The person responsible for researching and packing for our year away should be sacked.  Talk about dropping the ball.  I looked in our Lonely Planet and I browsed the net but I somehow failed to grasp that Valpo is a port and is therefore often cloaked in fog.   Fog alone doesn’t cause an issue it’s when you combine it with 3 degrees and slippery cobble stone roads that it becomes a problem.  I watched a lady in 2 inch heels slip over on the road this morning.  I jogged over to help her up in my sensible converse sneakers and nearly joined her on the ground. 

Ricky and I both seem to have arrived in an interesting place with our Spanish skills. We are hearing a lot of words we know but are quite unable to understand their meaning when put together.  This afternoon I was asked a question at the school.  I discerned the words running, my son, change and tomorrow.  I could do nothing but stand there with a frustrated look on my face and ask my friend to write it in an email.  Now all I can do is hope she will.   

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